Windows Malware Removal Steps

How To Remove Unwanted Programs From Windows:

When we suef Internet we found many thing in free and without thinking anything we download it nd install into our system. But, when we have security like anti-virus, anti-malware or anti-spyware it blocks such program and warns us.But, if somehow these things get into system hidden within some legitimate program and by showing the ID of legitimate program nothing can block it from installation. So, there you need anti-malware which regularly scans your PC and its malware database is always upto data. however, if you installs some program in your PC then lets Uninstall it.

For Windows Vista, XP and 7:

 First OPen “Control Panel” and search for (Add or Remove program in XP and Vista) or (Programs and Fetures in 7)
 Once you are in the menu then you will find all the program installed now select one and delete Unwanted program

For windows 8 and 10:

 In windows 8 and 10 search for “Control Panel ” from search option and then in windows 8 control panel select ” Program and Features” and then uninstall Unwanted One’s,and in windows 10 you can directly search for “system” and then click on “Apps and Features” and select unwanted one’s  and click on uninstall.