Spyhunter 5 Remedy To Your PC

SpyHunter 5 is the latest complete anti-malware and anti-spyware solution offered by Enigma Software. When a new version of an offering is offered it is often prudent to ask whether the upgrade is indeed better than the previous offering. To that end, an overview and review of what is new are essential to answering the above question. Briefly, SpyHunter 5 boasts a lot of new features and an updated certificate by West Coast Labs’ Checkmark Certification System. The new interface has been designed to accommodate all levels of PC user be they professionals or new users. Perhaps the stand out feature of SpyHunter 5, in general, is the ability to detect and remove rootkits and all of the malware that may be installed as a result of your PC being compromised.


SpyHunter is an overall great anti-malware and anti-spyware tool but we don’t recommend it. The major reason for this is that the program is pretty expensive and you can find other cheaper options that’ll do the exact work for you. Some of the examples that you can use instead of SpyHunter are MalwareBytes, Hitman Pro, System Medic, etc.

SpyHunter is an adaptive malware detection & removal tool that allows you to detect and remove the latest malware threats including spyware, trojans, rootkits, ransomware, keyloggers & other types of malicious software. SpyHunter’s most advantageous features are its advanced remediation capabilities, its real-time system guards and its Spyware HelpDesk, which generates custom fixes to specific problems that may be unique to your PC.

If you are looking for a fre option, I’d recommend using MalwareBytes free version. Some other reasons that make me not recommend SpyHunter are these:

  • No Real-time Protection.
  • A bit expensive.
  • Sometimes shows fake results to make you buy a subscription.
  • Fails to remove executable traces of malware.
  • Hard to uninstall.


The shortest answer to this question is that SpyHunter is a completely safe and effective anti-malware tool. There is nothing to worry about the safety of the program. There are no risks that you put yourself into when you are using it. A lot of people worry if it is genuine or not because it sometimes shows fake malware detection results when you are using the free version to make you buy the subscription.

But if you are a paid user, it is one of the best tools to protect your PC from any sorts of malware, spyware or other threats. You can trust it with malware detection and removal completely. It’ll work for to keep you system clean without causing any harm to it. You can definitely use it.

SpyHunter 5’s Features

The new software comes standard with a lot of new tweaks which can be modified so that they can best address users’ needs. For instance, the developers have created different categories to help users to easily navigate between the different types of settings they want to tweak according to their requirements:

The main category with most of the settings added is the General Settings category where users can choose among the features used for automating the software and allowing it to perform actions on system boot. Among those features, one very important is the ability to allow for the software to “Check for abnormal hidden files on system start”. This action gives the program the power to check suspicious files that are not detected as malicious but have a suspicious behavior, hence increasing protection. Users can also tamper with the settings while an anti-malware scan is running.

Another interesting settings group is the Network Settings configuration, which gives the abilities for users to modify and secure the incoming and outgoing internet traffic and set up custom settings:

In addition to this, SpyHunter 5 also has advanced DNS settings which do allow you to use official DNS providers so that you can further secure any information leaking on your network, which can also lead to malware infection eventually

In addition to this, the program has also added new and more advanced scheduling settings as well, which allow users complete overview on their scheduling, making the program suitable for system administrators and advanced users as well:

And furthermore, the software also has some advanced features when it comes to configuring how to scan your computer, which give detailed information about how to setup Custom Scan, quarantine items, and also see the complete scan history of previously detected files.