Spyhunter Anti-Malware

Anti -Malware is a software that protects the computer from malware such as spyware, adware, and worms. An anti-malware is designed to eliminate malware from the computer. It scan the system for all types of malicious software that manage to reach the computer. An anti-malware program is one of the best tools to keep the computer and personal information protected. Antimalware software can be installed on an individual computing device, gateway server or dedicated network appliance. It can also be purchased as a cloud service — such as McAfee’s CloudAV product — or be embedded in a computing device’s firmware. Anti Malware is considered to be safe to use and can easily he helpful in case of possible malware detection.

Key Features of Anti Malware

Now that we know what is anti malware, let’s now go to its key features. An anti malware program usually contains advanced malware protection and sandboxing technology. Depending on the software, features may vary. Comodo for example contains BOClean Anti-Malware Protection Software. It’s an advanced security feature that destroys malware as soon as it enters the computer.

Trend Micro has a sandbox where suspicious files are analyzed. Kaspersky has a Security Cloud that adapts to your browsing habits to keep you protected. Others contain anti-phishing and anti- ransomware.

How antimalware works

Antimalware software uses three strategies to protect systems from malicious software, including signature-based malware detection, behavior-based malware detection and sandboxing. These techniques protect against threats from malware in different ways.

Many antimalware tools depend on signature-based malware detection. Malicious software can be identified by comparing a hash of the suspicious code with a database of hashes of known malware. Signature-based detection uses a database of known malware definitions to scan for malware.

When the antimalware software detects a file that matches the malware signature, it flags it as potential malware. Malware detection based on signatures can only identify known malware.

Antimalware software that uses behavior-based malware detection is able to detect previously unknown threats by identifying malware based on characteristics and behaviors. This type of malware detection evaluates an object based on its intended actions before it can execute that behavior. An object is considered malicious if it attempts to perform an abnormal or unauthorized action.

Behavior-based detection in newer antimalware products is sometimes powered by machine learning algorithms.

Sandboxing offers another way for antimalware software to detect malware. A sandbox is an isolated computing environment developed to run unknown applications and prevent them from affecting the underlying system. Antimalware programs that use sandboxing run suspicious or previously unknown programs in a sandbox and monitor the results. If the malware demonstrates malicious behavior, the antimalware will terminate it.

What Are the Benefits of Anti Malware

An anti malware program has many benefits, particularly keeping your computer secure. But that’s not all anti malware has to offer, you can benefit from anti malware in many ways.

  • You’re protected from hackers – hackers gain access to your computer through malware. With the anti malware installed, you can browse the web safely.
  • Your privacy is protected – cyber criminals use your personal information to their advantage. An anti malware prevents any software that steal personal from installing.
  • Your valuable files are secured – if malware and viruses are out of the computer, you can be assured that your data are protected.
  • Your software are up-to-date – nobody wants outdated software. An anti malware keeps your software updated. It will remind you if a new version or an update is available online.
  • Your computer is free of junk – an antimalware notifies you if junks are consuming your computer memory, so you can free up some space. This eliminates useless files stored in your computer.

Why you need Antimalware

Besides the benefits of anti malware, you must install anti malware because hackers and cyber attacks are prevalent nowadays. You never know when hackers will access your computer. Your personal information will be at risk of getting stolen and be used without your knowledge.

In addition, with advanced hacking techniques, malware, viruses, and threats can easily install on your computer. Most of them remain undetected until they do a major damage on your computer. Don’t leave your computer vulnerable.

Anti malware will prevent computer infections brought about by malware, as it is designed to protect your computer at all times. With anti malware installed, malware, worms, viruses don’t have space on your computer.