How to Remove Malware on Your PC

There is nothing quite like realizing your PC, Mac, or laptop is infected with a virus or malware. But with careful and decisive action, removing a virus can be quick and easy. Learn how to remove a virus from your laptop, PC, or Mac right now, or let our free tool take care of the problem for you.

How to remove malware from your Windows PC

You’ve got an infected computer, and together, we’re going to remove all viruses from it and restore it to working order. The most reliable way to remove malware like viruses is to use a dedicated virus removal tool. It’ll automatically scan your computer to find any traces of infection while freeing you from having to worry about how to remove viruses yourself.

Step 1: Enter Safe Mode

  1. Hold the Shift key, then restart your computer by opening the Windows menu, clicking the power icon, and clicking Restart.
  2. Your computer will restart and display a menu with several advanced boot options. Choose
  3. Choose Advanced Options.
  4. Click Startup Settings.
  5. Click Restart.
  6. Press 5to restart in Safe Mode with Networking, but keep your PC disconnected from the internet.

Step 2: Delete temporary files

While you’re in Safe Mode, delete your temporary files using the Disk Cleanup tool:

  1. Go to the Start menuand scroll down to Windows Administrative Tools. Click it and choose Disk Cleanup from the drop-down menu.
  2. Scroll through the “Files to delete” list, and choose Temporary files. Click OK.

Deleting these files might speed up the virus scanning you’re about to do. Deleting your temporary files may even get rid of your malware if it was programmed to start when your computer boots up.

Step 3: Download a Virus Scanner

There are two types of scanners that can detect and delete computer viruses and malware: real-time and on-demand:

  1. A real-time scanner like Clean To Pc scans for viruses in the background while you’re using your computer.
  2. An on-demand operating system scanner such as Microsoft Safety Scanner must be activated manually each time you want to scan.