Clean Your Browser

How to Reset Browsers and Remove Unwanted Stuffs of Browser

Google Chrome:

  • Every browser is mainly infected by some plug-in or extension, so in chrome to delete “Unwanted Extension” Click on “Menu” and then “More Tools”
  • You just have to hover your mouse on “More Tools” and a new windows pop-ups then click on “Extensions”
  • Now Select all the unwanted Extension and click on “Trash” icon
  • To block Unwanted Pop-ups and made by website  Click on “Menu”, “Settings” and then “Content Settings”
  • In “Content Settings” find Pop-ups and then select “Do not allow any website to show pop-ups”
  • It is very necessary to select default “Search engine” as because when your Browser gets infected by Browser hijacker it modifies your default settings.
  • It Is also important to select Start-up page as malware also change it.

Opera Browser:

  • To Manage your Opera Browser first you have to open “Menu” by clicking on “Opera Menu” option on the top of the left side.
  • First of all you have to delete all the unwanted extension and toolbars, so in menu click on “Extension”
  • In extension find out unwanted one and click on “X” button to delete/remove extension
  • To set Plug-ins used by website click on “Menu” and then “Settings”, In settings Click on “Advanced”, now find “Content settings” here you will get option “Unsandboxed Plugin access” click on it and add the website name that you want to authorize using plugin to access your computer
  • After all this not works simply sign in to your browser account and make a backup and them simply reset the whole browser to its initial settings.

Safari Browser:

  • Safari Browser is only for Macintosh and for removing Unwanted extensions from it users need to click on “Safari tab” from above Menu and then click on “Preference” and then you will find “Extensions”, just select the Unwanted Extension or the one that you doesn’t install and simply click on “Uninstall”
  • If your browser cache contain links of malicious website then it works as loopholes for hackers and viruses so it very important to remove cache, For this click on “Safari” and then select “Clear History and Website Data”, it is better if you delete all history of websites.

Mozilla Firefox:

  • Plug ins and Extension from unwanted website causes damages and redirection into browser, to remove unwanted Plug-ins and Extensions from Mozilla click on “Menu” and then select “Addons”, in this option you will find Plug-ins and Extension option, select all the unwanted stuff and remove it.
  • Some website have active JavaScripts so they can download automatically or show pop-ups, it is very important for users to block these things and for this if you have to make some changes and for this click  on “Menu” choose options and then click on “Privacy and security” there you will get option choose on your requirements.
  • After all this if you get issues then it is time to make backup and reset the browser.

Internet Explorer:

  • To Delete Unwanted Extensions Add-ons from “Internet Explorer” users have to first click on “Menu” icon which looks like “Gear” and then “Manage Add-ons”, select “Tollbars and Extensions” and delete all the malicious stuffs
  • Many website are run to download harmful codes into users PC to block such activity you have to go into “Internet Option” which you will find into “Menu” or “Tools”
  • Now select “Privacy” tab and click on “Turn on Pop-up Blocker”
  • At the end if you need to reset the internet Explorer then you have to go into “Internet Option” and click on “Advanced” tab and in the bottom you will find “Reset” button.

Microsoft Edge:

  • In “Microsoft Edge Browser” to uninstall unwanted Extensions and plugins click on “Menu” Which is in top right side, find extensions and select all the unwanted extension that you doesn’t install and simply click on Uninstall
  • In “Microsoft Edge” to block unwanted pop-ups click on “Menu” and then click on “Settings“, In “Settings” you will find “Advanced settings” click on it, in this settings  make modification as per your requirements.